WORK Microwave to Showcase Innovations in Inline Production Monitoring at ICE Europe 2022

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Accurate moisture measurement, contactless inline monitoring, and eco-friendly production are all critical in the paper, film, and foil conversion industries in order to ensure outstanding product quality, reduce waste, and save costs. At ICE Europe 2022, WORK Microwave, a leading developer and manufacturer of RF electronics technologies and products, will showcase its extensive range of solutions for continuous, accurate inline moisture monitoring, with support for new digital industry 4.0 concepts.

WORK Microwave WORKsens SR-105 and SR-300 Moisture Sensor Demos

At ICE Europe 2022, WORK Microwave will demonstrate its WORKsens SR-105 and SR-300 moisture sensors, optimized for contactless, inline monitoring of water content. With the sensors, users can effectively measure moisture in sheet type materials processed on a roll-to-roll manufacturing process, or in flat individual products like cookies guided on belt systems. WORK Microwave’s state-of-the-art sensor technology offers high accuracy, speed, and repeatability, while being insensitive to all non-conductive surface coatings.

The WORKsens SR-105 demo will be performed on a rotary wheel with different materials and moisture levels to highlight various live measurement data, while the WORKsens SR-300 demo will measure the materials on a thicker Rigips board. WORK Microwave’s WORKsens SR-105 Moisture Sensor has been nominated for the ICE Awards 2022 in the “Sustainable Products and Manufacturing Processes” category.

Update March 15: WORKsens SR-105 Moisture Sensor was honoured with the ICE Award 2022 in the “Sustainable Products and Manufacturing Processes” category!

Contactless inline moisture measurement sensor solution

WORK Microwave WORKsens RM and TM Series

Many production lines require inline monitoring of water content within products; however, direct contact with the product may lead to defects or irregular quality. At ICE Europe 2022, WORK Microwave will highlight its WORKsens RM and TM Series, which offer a contact-free, microwave reflection or transmission based, moisture sensor approach.

  • The WORKsens RM allows for reflection measurements at greater distances, up to 15 cm away from the product, leveraging an antenna, electronics, and a simple metallic reflector that assures accurate moisture measurements, minimal product waste, and superior product quality. The WORKsens RM has been nominated for an ICE Award 2022 in the “Efficient Production Solutions” category.
  • The WORKsens TM utilizes transmission measurements between two antennas, allowing for larger measurement gaps, over a meter, for moisture characterization in thicker materials such as corrugated cardboard.