What’s your mission?

New space, old space or deep space, all missions need data links back to earth. RF or Optical links, DVB or CCSDS standards: WORK Microwave Spacecom ground equipment is flexible. The modems offer proven technology platforms serving your mission requirements and bespoke application, all for an off-the-shelf price tag. With heritage in Cubesats, earth observation, satellite tele-command and control, institutional research missions and New Space approaches your data is safe with us through our range of reliable communication products.

Digital Optical Ground Station product line: A-Series DOG

Logo Digital Optical Groundstation

Spacecom ground equipment Products:

AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver

Ground station receiver for optical down-to-earth links up to 3 Gbps.

FSOD1 Free Space Optical Detector

A fibre-coupled optical detector for the reception of optical free space communication.

AX-60-S02190 CCSDS TM/TC Modem

Ground station modem mission communication to IQ Spacecom XLink space segment transceivers.

AX-62 Space Mission Ground Modem

AX-62 Space Mission Ground Modem

Ground station modem for New Space applications, supporting CCSDS, DVB, and prorietary waveforms.

AX-80 Wideband Modem

500 Msps End-to-End Wideband Transmit and Receive Solution.
Full throughput with 256APSK up to 3 Gbps per direction.