New space, old space or deep space, all missions need data links back to earth. RF or Optical links, DVB or CCSDS standards WORK Microwave modems are flexible and proven technology platforms serving your mission requirements and bespoke application, all for an off-the-shelf price tag. With heritage in Cubesats, earth observation, satellite tele-command and control, institutional research missions and New Space approaches your data is safe with us through our range of reliable communication products.


AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver

Ground station receiver for optical down-to-earth links up to 3 Gbps.

AX-80 Wideband Modem

500 Msps End-to-End Wideband Transmit and Receive Solution.
Full throughput with 256APSK up to 3 Gbps per direction.

AX-60 IP Modem

DVB-S2X modem for high-speed IP connectivity with integrated encapsulator.

AX-60-S02190 CCSDS TM/TC Modem

Ground station modem for CCSDS 131 and 231 based mission communication to IQ Spacecom XLink space segment transceivers.