The Teleport Infrastructure infrastructure of an uplink station can vary largely depending on application and external circumstances. Countless factors are involved with determining which equipment is needed, such as tracking of inclined orbit satellites, a wide range of common and new frequency bands, high reliability versus cost, installation in remote locations, and rough environmental conditions. A large product portfolio, modular designs, and customization possibilities are the best ways to address the requirements for building a satellite link for any application, anywhere around the world, under any conditions.

WORK Microwave’s Teleport Infrastructure:


IF Upconverter


WORK Microwave offers a wide range of IF and block upconverters designed to support the demanding requirements of analog and digital satellite transmissions, such as TV uplinks and high-speed data networks

IF Downconverter


Our portfolio of IF, block and tracking downconverters optimizes the performance and bandwidth of satellite communications links, offering reduced phase noise, improved flexibility, and usability.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Our remote control unit with optional uplink power control is ideal for use with outdoor frequency converters. Dual and multi versions are available, enabling operators to control more than one converter from the same unit.

Tracking Downconverter

Tracking Downconverter

WORK Microwave’s dual- and triple-channel, shared oscillator downconverter is perfect for systems where an accurate phase relationship is required between two converter channels.