How to efficiently do GNSS application production

Xidus-648 GNSS Simulator

A vital task for manufacturing quality assurance is testing. However, the GNSS device in use must be tested for correct operation. This is not a simple task for GNSS applications. With a Xidus GNSS Simulator you can do testing more easily and efficiently.

A GNSS simulator is also used when validating a system of systems. Testing is an crucial task, so the simulated  GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS or NavIC/IRNSS signals should be as real as possible. Xidus GNSS Simulator covers all of them.

Use Xidus at your GNSS Application Production Testing.
It allows you to:

  • repeatably simulate multi-constellation and multi-frequency signals.
  • generate a configurable real time scenario – perfect for production testing.
  • perform test scenarios without atmospheric errors etc.

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Satellite navigation on its rise

Nearly every on earth surface moving high-tech product does use GNSS receiver chips. Smartphones, satnav systems in cars, drones and many more do need a valid positioning. Based on current trends, satellite navigation will likely increase even more in the future.

Production is typically indoors. Variable weather conditions don’t allow a repeatable final test. Hence, usage of the live satellite signal is unfeasible. This is where a viable indoor signal generator such as Xidus GNSS Simulator becomes necessary.

New: Galileo ICD version 2.0!

  • Secondary synchronization pattern (SSP) for correlating a local replica of the encoded pattern configurations.
  • Reduced Clock and Ephemeris for computing an initial position fix in case a full ephemeris.
  • Reed-Solomon Outer Forward Error Correction for robust decoding of I/NAV Clock and Ephemeris Data (CED).

WORK Microwave’s Xidus for GNSS Application Production Testing