Xidus-Studio provides flexibility and unique possibilities to the users. It’s a very powerful configurator and viewer of Xidus GNSS simulator. Xidus-studio is a client software that connects to the server on which the Xidus Core application is running. Very flexible configuration tool supported on both Windows and Linux platform.


Product Line: Xidus

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Sales Director Navigation Simulators
  • Single / Multiple User login
  • Multiple scenario configuration
  • Users can simultaneously view multiple simulation output for different signals / vehicle antennas
  • Augmentation Systems: WAAS, MSAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, SDCM
  • Different Vehicle Models with 6DOF variations
  • Multiple Vehicle/Antenna Simulation
  • Various Error Models: Satellite Clock Error Models, Atmospheric Error Models, Multipath Models

New: Galileo ICD version 2.0!

  • Secondary synchronization pattern (SSP) for correlating a local replica of the encoded pattern configurations.
  • Reduced Clock and Ephemeris for computing an initial position fix in case a full ephemeris.
  • Reed-Solomon Outer Forward Error Correction for robust decoding of I/NAV Clock and Ephemeris Data (CED).

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