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WORKsens Microwave Sensors

Our sensor solutions can be individually customized and integrated for any factory and process automation application. The sensors use electromagnetic fields to characterize different material properties.

For many applications in the pharma, paper, textile, food, packaging and petrochemical industries, our WORKsens Microwave sensors have successfully been integrated. However, we are pleased to engineer your individual sensor solution tailored to you application and your need.

WORKsens CR Series

WORKsens CR Series Microwave sensors are designed for the measurement of moisture in bulk solids or web-type material with direct contact to the material under test. It also can be used in high pressure environments to measure the water content in rough chemical synthesis processes.

WORKsens FT Series

The WORKsens FT sensors are ideal for applications such as the weight measurement of pharmaceutical capsules, or the characterization of powder or granular material with a low water content.

WORKsens SR Series

With WORKsens SR sensors, you can measure the moisture of like paper, pulp, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, foils, textiles and other web and board materials in a totally contact-free way.

WORKsens R & T Series

With WORKsens R & T sensors, you can measure the moisture of thicker materials like thick cardboard, corrugated cardboard, textiles, wood boards, bakery products, rubber and other thicker materials in a totally contact-free way.

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