Digital Optical Ground Station

WORK Microwave’s Digital Optical Ground Station product line: A-Series DOG

Optical links between Earth and space have the potential to overcome bandwidth limits and spectrum regulatory challenges inherent to legacy RF communication. Free space optical communication is on the verge of commercial breakthrough for LEO satellites, feeder links to GEO satellites have been proven to work with lasers, and a new wave of lunar exploration sees its communication challenges solved with optical signals.

WORK Microwave has launched a brand new Digital Optical Ground Station (DOG) suite of products based on our established A-Series platform. Leveraging the flexible SDR approach to combine the optimal combination of hardware and software for all scenarios, DOG products are designed to detect and process optical communication from and to space terminals such as CubeLCT, T-Osiris, OPTEL-µ, or CAT.

WORK Microwave’s first two Digital Optical Ground Station products have already been deployed in 2021:
AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver and FSOD1 Free Space Optical Detector.
Supporting early implementations of the upcoming CCSDS 142.0-B-1 standard, it is the world’s first multi-mission support solutions capable of receiving and processing optical communication signals from space to Earth up to 3 Gbps.

As far as I can see: Optical Communication enhances remote data transfer and many other applications

A-Series Digital Optical Ground Station (DOG) Suite of products:

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