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WORK Microwave’s Virtual Ground Station solutions.
Get ready for the cloud!

It’s economically essential for missions such as Earth Observation, to download data when and where they need it, and paying only for the antenna time they actually use.

Controlling satellite communications, Processing data and scaling operations if required remotely, are also mission-critical.

All of this becomes possible with our Virtual Ground Station (VGS) solution!

DIFI standards: a perfect match with our Virtual Ground Station solutions!

The state-of-the-art VGS architecture is based on digitalized RF signals over IP with DIFI standard, and wideband signal processing on cloud platform by virtualised software modem (SDR).

As a DIFI member, we shape the future digitization of ground segment:
Our VGS solution uses DIFI Standard, for transmitting and receiving digitized IF/RF data and corresponding metadata over standard IP networks.

Our products: all you need for your virtual ground station

With our V-Series Software Modem and our Digital Converters DBDC & DBUC, you have an all in one VGS solution.

The Digital Converters as antenna subsystems, and the cloud-based Software Modem signal processing system can be installed in different locations or even overseas. Additionally, also the operations can be managed anywhere in the world.

WORK Microwave’s Virtual Ground Station solution: Key Benefits

High flexibility, scalability, sustainability, switchability and efficiency

Reduced cost and time for installation, operation, maintenance

Access from anywhere to any digitized antenna

Ideal for Satellite-as-a-Service, Space-as-a-Service and similiar models

A wide range of applications: Communication, Earth Observation, Deep Space etc.

Logo Virtual Ground Station

Virtual Ground Station solution: our products

V-Series Software Modem

Our cloud-based Software Modem is the ideal solution for your global ground station networks, whether on-premises, or completely cloud-based.

They seamlessly receive or transmit digitized RF signals from/to our Digital Converters DBDC & DBUC.

V-Series modems key benefits and features

Designed for local and cloud deployment, running on CPU and/or GPU on common consumer hardware platforms.

V-Series web GUI and SNMP allow remote control and automation purposes.

V-Series has a licensing model tailored to your needs. It is quickly scalable if required.

V-series modems are fully compliant with DIFI standards, and also compliant with DVB-S2/S2X, CCSDS and ECSS standards.

Virtually support for wide range of waveforms and symbol rates, with all capabilities of WORK Microwave’s A-series modems (AX/AT/AR-60/62).

Full processing chain from digitized IQ samples to decoded BBFRAMEs over IP.

Thanks to modular software, it will be easy to implement new features, extensions  and options, such as Multistream, multi-channel, high symbol rates, different waveforms.

Lossless transport for IP networks with QoS (Quality of Service) and enough bandwidth.

Digital Converter for Virtual Ground Station

Digital Converters DBDC & DBUC

Our cloud-ready digital converters DBDC (RF-downlink) and DBUC (RF-uplink) are our only hardware device you still need in your ground station sites.

They seamlessly connect with our cloud-based V-Series Modem.

Digital Converters key benefits and features

DBDC does block down conversion from RF signal directly to digital baseband, according to DIFI standard.

The digital baseband connects perfectly with our V-Series Software Modem.

DBUC receives digital baseband signals in DIFI standard from our V-series software modem. It does block up conversion to RF.

The RF signals are sent to the HPA for amplification and uplink to the satellite.

Fiber optical output for block downconverter, and input option for block upconverter.

The Digital Converters as antenna subsystems work independantly from our cloud-based V-Series Software Modem.

No need for additional frequency converters, redundancy switches, RF connection points and signal attenuations, as direct S/C/X/Ku/DBS/Ka/Q/V-band ports are possible, also IF/L-band.

DBUC & DBDC are designed as outdoor units. This saves significant space in terms of system integration.

A very compact system to save costs and space.

Whatever your system requires: triple for Ka-band, dual for Ku-Band, and others. All in place for simultaneous Tx and Rx at high/medium/low bands, with switchable LO option.

Lossless transport for IP networks with QoS (Quality of Service) and enough bandwidth.

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