Digital Converters DBDC & DBUC

Cloud-ready digital converters DBDC (RF-downlink) and DBUC (RF-uplink).

Cloud-ready Digital Converters DBDC & DBUC

WORK Microwave’s Virtual Ground Station (VGS) has two main units for digitalization of RF signals:

  • DBDC: Digital Block Upconverter (for uplink line)
  • DBUC: Digital Block Downconverter (for downlink line)

DBDC receives antenna signals from LNA (or LNB) directly in the input and converts them to digital packets. It does block down conversion from RF to digital baseband.
At the output, the digital baseband signals are transported as IP packets in DIFI (Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability) standard to the V-series software modem.

DBUC receives digital baseband signals as IP packets in DIFI standard from the V-series software modem and converts them to RF signals. It does block up conversion from digital baseband to RF.
At the output, the RF signals are sent to the HPA for amplification and uplink to the satellite.

Product Line: Virtual Groundstation (DOG) solutions

Application: Space

Key features and advantages:

  • They include block converters (direct S/C/X/Ku/DBS/Ka/Q/V-band port is possible, and IF/L-band as well), with this result: the system is very compact and eliminates additional need for separate frequency converters, redundancy switches, additional RF connection points and signal attenuations.
  • They are designed as outdoor type that can be mounted in antenna directly. This feature eliminates the need of big RF shelter near the antenna or saves significant space in terms of system integration.
  • Multiple-band options (triple for Ka-band, dual for Ku-Band… as example) for simultaneous Tx and Rx at high/medium/low bands.
  • Switchable LO option (selectable high/medium/low… band)
  • Lossless transport for IP networks with QoS (Quality of Service) and enough bandwidth.
  • Fiber optical output option for block downconverter and input option for block upconverter.
  • High operational temperature: -40° to +70° C

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