V-Series Software Modem

A fully DIFI-standard-compliant Software Modem.

V-Series Software Modem

Our cloud-based Software Modem is the ideal solution for your global ground station networks, whether on-premises, or completely cloud-based.

The V-series software modem seamlessly receive or transmit digitized RF signals from/to our Digital Converters DBDC & DBUC.

V-series software modems are fully compliant with DIFI standard to receive/transmit digitized RF signals from/to  DBDC/DBUC.

The fully software defined DVB-S2X demodulator is running on general-purpose hardware, which could replace a dedicated hardware demodulator.

Based on existing implementations and partially new designs, the dedicated exploitation of hardware-specific elements is expected in order to achieve bandwidths of 36 MHz and beyond, matching the application-specific requirements.

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    Product Line: Virtual Groundstation (DOG) solutions

    Application: Space

    Logo Virtual Ground Station

    Key Features

    • Virtualized software modems with capabilities of WORK Microwave’s A-series modems (AX/AT/AR-60/62) that supports wide range waveforms and symbol rates.
    • Compliance with DVB-S2/S2X, CCSDS and ECSS standards
    • Minimum 36 Msps symbol rate (higher symbol rates are optional)
    • Minimum 36 MHz bandwidth support (larger bandwidths are optional)
    • Support CCM, VCM and ACM
    • Support Time Slicing (Annex-M ETSI EN 302 307-1)
    • Full processing chain from digitized IQ samples to decoded BBFRAMEs over IP
    • Web GUI, SNMP for remote control and automation purposes
    • Support DIFI standard as RF over IP & cloud
    • Modular design for future extension to different waveforms
    • Can be customized fastly (as software based)
    • Replaces dedicated hardware modems, brings modem as service model for multi-operational efficiency
    • Without replacement of hardware, implementing new features and options (Multistream, multi-channel, high symbol rates)
    • Designed for local and cloud deployment
    • Running on CPU and/or GPU on consumer hardware platforms
    • Lossless transport for IP networks with QoS (Quality of Service) and enough bandwidth.