As with any technology, satellite communication is always changing. In the satcom market, growing demand for bandwidth and evolving technology opens up new fields of operation. When developing ways to move toward higher frequency bands, increase throughput, and achieve better bandwidth efficiency, research and development teams are faced with constant challenges. By creating and testing prototypes and pre-series devices in research institutes, R&D teams enable early adopters to take advantage of these next-generation capabilities before they hit the mass market.


AX-80 Wideband Modem

500 Msps End-to-End Wideband Transmit and Receive Solution.
Full throughput with 256APSK up to 3 Gbps per direction.

AT-80 Wideband Modulator

DVB-S2X modulator for ultra-wideband transponders up to 500 Msps.

AR-80 Wideband Demodulator

DVB-S2X demodulator for ultra-wideband transponders up to 500 Msps.

AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver

Ground station receiver for optical down-to-Earth links up to 3 Gbps.

Q/V-Band Converter

Q/V Band Converter

Our range of next-generation frequency converters is available in 33GHz to 55GHz to support high-bandwidth telecommunications and broadcast services.