AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver

AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver

The AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver is a receiver dedicated to support the processing of optical direct-to-earth links. It is designed for multi-mission support to enable effective ground station design. Optical On-Off-Keying (O3K) and High-Photon-Efficiency (HPE) transmissions can be processed via a common input that operates either based on hard-decision decoding or the processing of logarithmic-likelihood-ratios (LLR).

An additional Soft-Decision Front-End (SDFE) device is available for bit synchronization to LLRs in combination with the AR-80-OPT. That will also allow installations of the AR-80-OPT independently from the telescope location.

Product Line: A-Series

Application: Space, Research & New Applications

Item Number: AR-80-OPT

Key Features

  • Multi-Mission support
  • Hard-decision and soft-decision decoding
  • Optical On-Off Keying (O3K)
  • High-Photon-Efficiency (HPE) future upgradable extension
  • CCSDS 141/142 support future upgradable extens ion
  • O3K symbol rate up to 10 Gsps
  • User data rate up to 3 Gbit/s
  • Customizable processing infrastructure for easy integration into large communication systems
  • Flexible software architecture for easy extension and future virtualization of functionality
  • Teleport-grade M&C capabilities for seamless integration into professional ground station systems
  • 3 years warranty

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