Quality and other Policies

Our passion for what we do transfers into our quality

Sozial- & Qualitätspolitik (Leitlinien)

“Unsere Sozial- und Qualitätspolitik ist Ausdruck unseres Engagements für Qualität, Integrität, Nachhaltigkeit und soziale Verantwortung. Sie beeinflusst unsere Geschäftsstrategie, unsere Entscheidungsfindung und unsere täglichen Interaktionen mit Kunden, Kollegen, Lieferanten und der Gesellschaft im Allgemeinen.” Dr. Thomas Fröhlich

Corporate social & quality policy (Guidelines)

“Our Corporate Social and Quality Policy is an expression of our commitment to quality, integrity, sustainability and social responsibility. It influences our business strategy, our decision-making and our daily interactions with customers, colleagues, suppliers and society in general.” Dr. Thomas Fröhlich

Quality Policy

WORK Microwave’s Quality Policy is centered on the involvement of all employees in a continuous effort to deliver products and services that meet or exceed our customers expectations.

To achieve and maintain the highest standards, we have built a quality management system at WORK Microwave that meets all the requirements of the internationally recognised quality standard EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

End-of-Life Policy and Procedure

WORK Microwave acknowledges its responsibility to provide the maximum possible support for its products  throughout their lifetime. Nevertheless, every product has a certain end to its economic viability and is withdrawn from the market at a defined point in time.

Conflict Minerals Policy

In response to violence and human rights abuses in the mining of certain minerals in “conflict zones” located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries, companies worldwide have been asked to exercise due diligence in their supply chain to ensure that certain metals are not sourced from mines in the conflict region controlled by non-state military groups or unlawful military groups.