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Virtualization transforming ground segment – an article you should read

Satellite operators and service providers are increasingly turning to virtualized ground stations to enhance the efficiency, security, and scalability of their satellite networks. This is the main takeaway from the article published in May 2023 issue of SatellitePro ME, Getting off the Ground. The article explores the drivers, benefits, and challenges of the virtualization trend.

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One of our innovative VGS solutions: Cloud-ready digital converters DBDC (RF-downlink) and DBUC (RF-uplink)

Virtualizing Ground Infrastructure: a key Enabler for Satellite Services in MENA region

Virtualized ground stations use cloud-based networks and virtualized software to process and manage satellite data, rather than relying on physical hardware and infrastructure. This allows for more flexible, agile, and cost-effective operations, as well as easier integration with other digital systems and applications. Virtualization is becoming a key enabler for satellite services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, where the demand for connectivity, mobility, and IoT solutions is growing rapidly. Satellite operators have shown a keen interest in virtualized ground stations, which promise to optimize their network performance, reduce their capital and operating costs, and enhance their customer experience.

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Virtualization transforming ground segment

Virtualization transforming ground segment: VGS solutions from WORK Microwave

Our Virtualized Ground Station (VGS) solutions address this market need. Wolfgang Berger, Director Digital Products, explains how VGS solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies such as digital converters and software modems to offer a fully virtualized, secure, and efficient ground infrastructure. VGS allow satellite operators to customize their network architecture, reduce their hardware footprint, and optimize their bandwidth usage, while ensuring high levels of data integrity, privacy, and availability.

Overall, the article underscores the growing importance of virtualization in the satellite industry, and the role that providers like WORK Microwave play in enabling this transformation. As satellite networks become more complex, diverse, and dynamic, virtualized ground stations are likely to become the norm rather than the exception, opening up new opportunities for innovation, growth, and value creation.

To learn more about how virtualization is transforming satellite industry, read the full SatellitePro ME article.

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