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WORK Microwave delivers the 10,000th Frequency Converter of the latest generation.

Holzkirchen, Germany – WORK Microwave, the world’s leading provider of innovative satellite communications solutions based in Holzkirchen near Munich, Germany, has reached a significant milestone: the delivery of its 10,000th frequency converter of the latest generation marks an outstanding achievement for the company and underlines its leading role in the industry.

The frequency converters, which continue to push the boundaries of technological possibilities, are now being used on every continent and are even proving their worth at the German Aerospace Center’s (DLR) GARS O’Higgins Antarctic receiving station.

One of the groundbreaking projects is the delivery of Ka-band up- and downconverters to the European Space Operations Center for deep space antennas. The deep space converters are optimized for telemetry and tracking. They command operations of different categories of ESA missions, with signals crossing more than 1.4 billion km of space. With a minimum impact of frequency stability (Allan Deviation) and phase noise on receive and transmit signals, as well as fully compensated on phase tracking and phase stability, WORK Microwave’s converters enable ESA to maintain stable communication links to interplanetary missions.

Another example is Eutelsat’s “KONNECT,” where WORK Microwave is a key supplier of advanced communications solutions. The agreement between Eutelsat and WORK Microwave demonstrates the industry’s confidence in the quality and performance of the company’s products. Supporting the full ITU bandwidth range of the Ka- and Q-/V-bands, WORK Microwave’s frequency converters offer a rich feature set and unparalleled performance. Leveraging the converters, Eutelsat can achieve a data throughput of up to 500 Gbps with “KONNECT”, which corresponds to 125,000 HD-videos streamed simultaneously.

“With the delivery of the 10,000th converter of the latest generation we reached a significant milestone and honored that our products are used in so many groundbreaking projects. This success is the result of intense work and dedication of our international team who develop the best solutions for our customers every day.” said Dr. Thomas Fröhlich (CEO).

“Our success would not have been possible without the trust and support of our customers. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions that exceed their expectations in the future,” added Christian Schenk (Director Production & Procurement).

With our frequency converters, services and projects, WORK Microwave continues its journey as an innovation leader and continues to contribute to pushing the boundaries of satellite communications. With a strong focus on technological excellence and relentless customer orientation, the company is a trusted partner in the industry.

Dr. Thomas Fröhlich (CEO), Christian Schenk (Director Production & Procurement)


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