Contactless Inline Moisture Measurement of thicker materials

Contactless Inline Moisture Measurement of thicker materials

Overview: WORKsens RM and TM Series

Many production lines require inline monitoring of water content within products. However, direct contact with the product may lead to defects or irregular quality.

Our WORKsens RM & TM series enable a contactless inline moisture measurement of thicker materials. Both are designed for robust and maintenance-free applications. The underlying concept of our solution relies on microwave technology to accurately measure the moisture of materials like thick cardboard, corrugated cardboard, textiles, wood boards, bakery products, rubber and other thicker materials.

The measuring sensors are accessible via TCP/IP interfaces – meaning they are Industry 4.0 ready!

The WORKsens RM is based on a reflection measurement approach and hence is an ideal solution for confined spaces where only a single side montage is possible and yet a contactless measurement is required. It can be used for distances up to 15 cm away from the product, leveraging an antenna, electronics, and a simple metallic reflector that assures accurate moisture measurements, minimal product waste, and superior product quality.

The WORKsens TM utilizes transmission measurements between two antennas, allowing for larger measurement gaps, up to a meter, while still providing highly precise results. It is perfect for moisture characterization in thicker materials such as corrugated cardboard. The sensor system can be integrated seamlessly at measuring bridges of production lines, performing measurements over vast areas.

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    All Benefits: Contactless inline moisture measurement of thicker materials with WORKsens RM and TM series

    Industry 4.0 ready

    Measurement data flows seamlessly into any production monitoring setup via OPC UA or a REST API

    High measurement accuracy

    Reliable sensor performance without any impact of electrically non-conductive colors or coatings

    Fast measurement

    Quick update rate of 30 measurements per second

    Suitable for larger material thicknesses

    Measurement gap of over 1000 mm for WORKsens TM series possible.
    For gaps up to 25 mm, see our WORKsens SR series.

    Bespoke for any application

    Customized housing or installation options for even very confined spaces due to modular sensor and electronics separation.

    Maintenance free

    Minimizes line downtimes – a delight for your service budget

    WORKsens RM & TM: Seamless Quality Assurance with Contactless Inline Moisture Measurement

    Demanding measurement applications need a technologically appropriate approach. That’s why WORK Microwave has developed high-tech evaluation electronics for any enhanced measurement method.

    Our WORKsens RM & TM Series offers the following advanced feature set:

    • High accuracy, achieved by a wide measurement frequency range
    • Quick update rate – Over 30 measurements per second possible
    • 14-bit amplitude resolution for a high dynamic range

    Moisture measurement at cake production

    Real-Time Contactless Inline Moisture Measurement Data

    The WORKsens RM & TM has a high speed signal processing unit that analyzes the data directly. Measurement results are fed to any process monitoring and control system in near real time.

    When developing the WORKsens RM & TM, WORK Microwave chose a wide measurement frequency range that eliminates disturbances from the outside and enables best-in-class accuracy. Our sensor uniquely characterizes the material under test over a wide frequency range.

    Mind the Measurement Gap at Inline Moisture Measurement

    The WORKsens RM & TM are optimized to be used on production lines for thicker products.
    The wide measurement gap ensures an intrusion-free passage of the material.

    Thinner material? See our WORKsens SR series:


    Quick, Easy Installation and Operation

    WORK Microwave delivers the sensor heads and the electronic module ready to be integrated into the housing of your application. Our team of experts will provide support during the integration phase, if needed. In addition, we can design customized housing solutions for any application.

    The WORKsens RM or TM system will be installed within your production line at a suitable fixed location, or on a moving scanner bridge.

    The on-board communication interface of the WORKsens RM & TM connects seamlessly to any control system and is industry 4.0 ready. For monitoring and calibration settings, you can directly access the sensor via TCP/IP.

    After a simple calibration process, the sensor is ready to perform measurements 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    If you install the WORKsens RM or TM sensor on a moving measurement bridge, you are able to cover a large measurement area with only one sensor

    Why WORKsens RM & TM Contactless Sensor

    Moisture characterization through all layers of the product

    Coatings and colors have no impact on the measurement for TM series

    Measuring gap over 1000 mm possible (can be adapted for custom solutions)

    Measurable moisture range from 0 to 50 % depending on material under test

    Housing and installation options tailored to your needs

    Maintenance free 24/7 sensing solution