Phase-Locked Oscillators

WORK Microwave offers a wide selection of high-performance frequency sources. This includes fixed-frequency, frequency-agile with phase-locked sources and frequency synthesizers from 125 MHz to 26 GHz.

Our frequency source products are used throughout the world, in commercial and military applications. WORK’s highly experienced team of engineers, technicians and assembly people bring today’s cutting edge technologies to all of our frequency source products.

Freq. Range
Model No.

PLO with external reference

Low cost single loop, single frequency

125 – 2500 MHz


PLO with internal TCXO

Multi loop, single frequency, high performance

125 – 2500 MHz


PLO with internal OCXO

Multi loop, single frequency, very low spurious and phase noise, ultra high performance

10.0 – 30.0 GHz


PLO with internal crystal

Multi loop, single frequency, very low phase noise, high performance

1200 – 9999.9 MHz


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