WORK Microwave Launches WORKsens SR Series of Microwave Sensor Systems

Press Release

New WORKsens SR Series of microwave sensor systems for contactless inline moisture measurement

Award-Winning Sensors Perform Highly Accurate, Contactless Inline Moisture Measurements Enabling Sustainability for Industrial Manufacturing.

WORK Microwave, a leading developer and manufacturer of RF electronics, technologies, and products, today announced the launch of its new WORKsens SR Series of microwave sensor systems for contactless inline moisture measurement in manufacturing applications. Ideal for fast-running, roll-to-roll manufacturing, the sensor systems can be integrated seamlessly at measuring bridges of production lines to ensure high accuracy and speed. The WORKsens SR series includes the WORKsens SR-105 and WORKsens SR-300. The WORKsens SR-105 was recently honoured with an ICE Europe Award 2022 in the Sustainable Products and Manufacturing Processes category. The WORKsens SR is a must-have for industry manufacturing.

Sustainability, energy efficiency, and high product quality are all critical for industrial manufacturing processes today, and we are leading the charge with our new WORKsens SR Series,” said Lukas Lischke, product manager at WORK Microwave. “Using our state-of-the-art WORKsens sensor systems, our customers can continuously perform moisture measurements to improve product quality and at the same time reduce their monthly energy costs significantly.

Lukas Lischke at ICE Awards 2022 ceremony
Photo Credit: Mack-Brooks Exhibitions
Contactless inline moisture measurement sensor solution
WORKsens SR-300

The WORKsens SR sensors allow companies to continuously measure product moisture inline during the production of paper and pulp, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, foils, textiles, and other web and board materials. The measurement sensors are accessible via TCP/IP interfaces and can be connected via LAN and other common industry interfaces, making them ready for Industry 4.0. By providing continuous inline moisture monitoring of manufacturing products, the WORKsens SR sensors enable significantly lower waste, optimized product quality, and substantial cost savings in energy consumption. Consuming only 15 watts during operation, the sensors are easy to install without requiring an additional cooling solution.

WORK Microwave is demonstrating its WORKsens SR sensors for the first time at ICE Europe 2022, March 15-17, in Munich, Germany, in Hall A6, Stand 460.

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