Inline Bulk Moisture Measurement with WORKsens CR series microwave sensors

WORK Microwave’s state-of-the-art sensor technology offers high accuracy and repeatability with automatic density compensation. The biggest advantage is its nearly real-time measurement speed versus the drying loss method.

WORKsens CR Microwave Sensors are designed for inline bulk moisture measurement with direct contact to the material under test.

They also can be used in high pressure environments to measure the water content in rough chemical synthesis processes.

WORKsens CR series for inline bulk moisture measurement

WORKsens CR Microwave sensors systems for Bulk Moisture Measurement

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Quick, Easy Installation and Operation of CR sensor systems

WORK Microwave delivers the resonator and the electronic module ready to be integrated into the housing of your application. Our team of experts will provide support during the integration phase, if needed. In addition, we can design customized housing solutions for any application.

The WORKsens CR sensor systems will be installed within your production line at a suitable fixed location.
The on-board communication interface of the WORKsens CR series connects seamlessly to any control system and is industry 4.0 ready. For monitoring and calibration settings, you can directly access the sensor via TCP/IP or USB interface.

After a simple calibration process, the sensor is ready to perform measurements 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Contactless Inline Moisture Measurement needed?

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Why WORKsens Sensors for Inline Bulk Moisture Measurement

Moisture characterization through all layers of the product

Housing and installation options tailored to your needs

High accuracy for all materials, even those with rough or uneven surfaces

Maintenance free 24/7 sensing solution