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Wolfgang Berger contributes to SatMagazine’s article

WORK Microwave is proud that Wolfgang Berger has contributed to SatMagazine’s recent article, Cloud Accelerates The Race To Virtualize Ground Stations. The article explores the virtualization of ground infrastructure, its benefits and challenges. It also highlights how advancements in technology are revolutionizing the way ground stations operate with the introduction of virtualized ground station solutions (VGS) and other innovations making it possible to process data in the cloud with virtual modems.

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Our innovative VGS solution: Cloud-ready digital converters DBDC (RF-downlink) and DBUC (RF-uplink)

Virtualizing Ground Infrastructure: Benefits and Challenges

One of the key benefits of virtualized ground infrastructure is its ability to improve the efficiency of bandwidth usage. Virtualized ground infrastructure allows for more flexibility in scaling operations, making it easier to handle the growing amount of data. This can be especially beneficial for LEO constellations, where the need for greater scalability is driving the demand for virtualized ground infrastructure.

However, one of the challenges with virtualizing ground infrastructure is the need for a high level of security. Since a virtualized ground infrastructure relies on cloud-based networks and virtualized software, it is more vulnerable to cyber attacks. To address this, VGS solutions must have robust security measures in place to protect against potential threats.

To learn more about how virtualized ground station solutions are transforming the industry, read the full SatMagazine article.
Credits to SatNews and SatMagazine.

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