Optical Modems

A World First: Optical Modem

Some time ago, we set another groundbreaking milestone: Our AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver was deployed at KSAT’s optical ground station in Greece. This Optical Modem is one of the world’s first multi-mission support solutions, capable of receiving, transmitting, and processing optical communication signals. For us, this was only the first step in the field of optical ground station technology, we keep developing optical modems and receivers for future missions. That’s because we expect that optical communication technology will play a critical role in LEO and MEO and also in deep space missions. Mission operators and service providers can consider our effective solutions for setting up projects with optical communication to and from Earth. 

Optical Modem: a wide range of Applications

Optical downlinks have the potential to outperform RF downlinks at Earth observation missions. There, data downloads are not real-time critical and do not need a particular ground station. So it might be more efficient to download the observation data during a free slot to any optical ground station within a network.

Future Evolutions: Optical Modems at commercial and military satellite communication

With ongoing development, optical technology might be useful also for feeder links and direct gateway connections. Furthermore, it might be a good option for military communication, as optical communication has strong security capabilities.

AR-80-OPT Optical Multi-Mission Receiver

The industry’s first optical receiver that combines a high-performance RF modem with the next-generation optical signal processing. Offering multi-mission support, it guarantees evolutionary extensions for the upcoming CCSDS standards.

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