OEM Magazine features WORKsens FT-96

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OEM Magazine features high-speed Capsule/Tablet weighing system WORKsens FT-96

The pharmaceutical industry is continuously looking for ways to improve its processes to meet the demands of its customers. One of the critical aspects of the production process is pharmaceutical weight measurement. Inaccurate weight measurement can lead to significant losses due to product recalls – as only the accurate weight of every single tablet or capsule ensures regulatory standards. That’s why pharmaceutical companies are turning to advanced technologies such as microwave sensors, especially when they allow vibration-insensitive, continuous capsule weighing right at filling machines.

At Pack Expo International 2022 in Chicago, WORK Microwave displayed WORKsens FT-96, a sensor system that utilizes microwave resonance for continuous, high-speed capsule/tablet weighing. This technology provides precise and reliable weight measurement, allowing pharmaceutical companies to improve their production processes and deliver high-quality products to their customers.

Check out the article from OEM Magazine, Continuous High-Speed Capsule/Tablet Weighing Based on Microwave Resonance, to learn more about this innovative technology and its impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

OEM Magazine features WORKsens FT-96