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WORK Microwave at Satellite 2022

The Space Industry’s Great Climate Opportunity.

The global space economy is estimated to be worth more than $371 billion, with 77% of that amount attributed directly to the satellite industry. Growth is expected to continue as new applications and technologies push the industry, and the realm of what’s possible, forward.

The SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition launched in 1981 with the goal to connect and unite the satellite industry as we headed towards new frontiers. Over the past 41 years, SATELLITE has served the satellite and space communities and broadened the scope of content to encompass professionals in commercial markets benefiting from satellite technology and applications, such as broadcasting, media & entertainment, government/military, aviation, maritime, automotive, financial, healthcare, telecommunications and more.

WORK Microwave will demonstrate its latest space technology solutions at SATELLITE 2022, a key event for the space and satellite industries. Using WORK Microwave’s solutions, operators can cross the edges between space and ground, RF and digital, optical and digital, and virtual and hardware on ground stations.

With more than 35 years of experience in satellite ground-segment equipment, WORK Microwave’s solutions are deployed in real-world missions with LEO and MEO constellations as well as with optical down-to-Earth links, including new space, deep space, government, and communication applications. Highlights at the show will include WORK Microwave’s groundbreaking deep space converter, V-band block upconverter, and optical receiver and detector. Read more.

Visit our Booth #1605 and learn more about our latest Satcom solutions!

March 22-24, Washington, DC