Test Loop Translator

Frequency translator for test and evaluation.

Test Loop Translator

Operating and control

The converters can be operated via the push buttons on the front panel using self-explanatory display menus or via remote control (RS232, RS422/485, TCP/IP over Ethernet).

Detailed monitoring of the system status and a summary alarm output with dual change over switch contacts are provided. For the remote control, ASCII string-based commands and addressable, packet-based commands are provided. Remote monitoring and control through a Web browser interface are also integrated.

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    Test Loop Translator VSTLT

    The translator can be used to convert signals from one RF band to another for test and system evaluation purposes.

    Product Line: Test Loop Translator

    Application: Teleport Management

    Item Number: VSTLT


    • C, X, Ku, K(DBS), Ka, Q-Band Output
    • RF-Filter on output
    • Variable Attenuator 0 … 30 dB,  0.1 dB step size on output
    • Signal mute function
    • Integrated local oscillator with 100 Hz step size available
    • Digital gain compensation
    • High stable OCXO (Long-term stability < 10-7 / year)
    • Optional polarization switch on input and output
    • 10 MHz reference output
    • Low power consumption
    • Local control through the front panel
    • Remote control through RS232, RS422/485 (2-wire or 4-wire) interfaces, TCP/IP over Ethernet, and Web browser interface.

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