Core Features

What makes us unique?

Since 1986, WORK Microwave has been a market leader in SatCom, Defence Electronics, Navigation Simulators and Sensors & Measurement technologies.

WORK Microwave’s advantage are our five core features:

In-House Manufacturing and Unrivalled Customer Response

Since the founding of WORK Microwave, our philosophy in terms of manufacturing has remained unchanged. We combine the entire product development and production process under one roof. From mechanical production to hybrid, SMD and PCB assembly to product assembly and testing.

Our customers benefit from these unique advantages:

  • The flexibility needed to quickly adapt a product design to the customer’s specific application
  • Shorter time to market
  • Superior quality control

R&D Investments in Cutting-edge Technology

We are known for offering cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to our customers’ exact specifications. Through significant investment in R&D, we are able to bring innovative technologies to market faster than others. We are among the first to launch technologies such as Q/V band frequency converters, DVB-S2X platforms, digital optical ground station equipment, broadband and sensor solutions up to 60 GHz and navigation simulators that support all current and future GNSS.

Our uniqueness in R&D:

  • Our employees: We have a talented international team of product design and manufacturing experts, many of whom have been with the company for over 10 years. Our staff have an extensive knowledge of microwave and signal processing technologies and are highly experienced in customer-focused product development and manufacturing.
  • Thinking outside the box: We encourage our engineers to take unusual paths when developing new products. Thinking outside the box is the key to better performing products.
  • Leading the industry: We are a contributing member of industry-leading institutions. As an active member of these groups, we help to pioneer new technological standards.
  • Technology partnerships: We invest in research projects with institutional visionaries like ESA, DLR, and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Engineering Support around the Clock

Every customer that purchases a product from us, has direct access to the product manager and engineers. From the point of product conception to after sales care. Rather than providing a generic tech support team, we offer a personalized approach to customer support that is second to none!

Customized Product Design

One size does not fit all, and we know that very well. We offer a flexible approach to product design, with the capability to adapt any of our standard products to a customer’s exact specifications. What’s more, tailoring a customer’s solution can be done without increasing the price or lengthening lead times.

Our solutions are based on a modular architecture that enables seamless adoption of specific product configurations, such as new frequency ranges, while ensuring optimal performance.

Close Collaboration With Customers

We value informal and open communication with our customers. By working closely together, WORK Microwave is able to accelerate project deployment and product development. We guarantee a solution that exactly meets our customers’ requirements.

We add value to our customer relationships by:

  • Providing demo units for testing before purchase
  • Providing product training
  • Visiting the customer’s site to assess their individual application needs
  • Engineering support around the clock