High Pressure Moisture Measurement: With Microwave Sensor WORKsens CR-10HP

The CR-10HP moisture sensor is optimized for high pressure environments up to 1000 bars measuring the water content in rough chemical synthesis processes.
Our technology offers high accuracy, speed and repeatability, while being insensitive to most non-conductive additives.

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    WORKsens CR-22HP

    WORKsens CR-10HP sensor for High Pressure Moisture Measurement

    Microwave Measurement Principle

    The sensor consists of a cylindrical microwave cavity resonator open at the measuring end. The sensor evaluates the resonance frequency detuning induced by the load change based on the water content in the Product Under Test. This concept allows for accurate moisture measurements not only on the surface, but in a measurement volume in front of the sensor rendering it superior to other techniques, such as optical NIR measurement.