WORK Microwave’s Redundancy Switch Systems are designed for maximum reliability in satellite broadcast and satellite communications systems. Featuring a compact, modular design, the redundancy systems support a wide range of applications, offering from 1:1 up to 8:1 redundancy for indoor and outdoor usage. All redundancy systems come with two power supplies and two AC input connectors guaranteeing the highest level of reliability.


N:1 Modular Redundancy Switch

Modular Redundancy Switch N:1

Modular redundancy system up to 8:1 for frequency converters.

8:1 Compact Redundancy Switch

Compact Redundancy Switch 8:1

8:1 compact redundancy system specially designed for L-band frequency converters.

2:1 Compact Redundancy Switch

Compact Redundancy Switch 2:1

2:1 redundancy system. Optional uplink power control available.

Redundancy Switch 1:1

Redundancy Switch 1:1

1:1 indoor and outdoor redundancy system for frequency converters, modulators, demodulators and modems.