FSOD1 Free Space Optical Detector

FSOD1 Free Space Optical Detector

The FSOD1 Free Space Optical Detector is a fibre-coupled optical detector for the reception of optical free space communication. The detector features a highly responsive InGaAs avalanche photodiode (APD) with fibre coupled input. The amplified and limited output make it suitable for receiving hard decision on-off-keying signals. Built in a 19″ rack mount housing both a frontpanel user interface and network access via SNMP and HTTP interface provide easy integration into satellite ground station infrastructures.

Product Line: A-Series

Application: Space

Item Number: AX-62

Key Features

  • High Sensitivity, suitable for space down-link
  • Fibre-coupled input for flexible installation
  • Various wavelength & bandwith options
  • 19-inch rack mount unit with remote access interfaces for professional teleport environment