Gold standard of the German Navy – the frigate “Hessen”

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The frigate “Hessen” and its weapon systems

The frigate “Hessen” was designed for protection and sea control. Among other things, it is equipped with anti-aircraft missiles with a range of more than 160 kilometers. It also has radars capable of detecting more than 1000 targets simultaneously and can monitor an airspace the size of the North Sea.

The Class 124 frigates have several radar systems on board that fulfill different functions. One of these is the large 360-degree coverage SMART-L radar from Thales, which is mainly used for air defense (drones/UAS) and maritime surveillance, but is also used for target acquisition.

Another radar system (APAR) is then needed to coordinate the deployment of the effectors (weapons). The “Hessen” also expects to be the target of rebel attacks and is therefore fully armed to fend off such attacks with the help of the radar systems.


Air surveillance radar SMART-L :
The air surveillance radar has a range of more than 400 kilometers. It can process over 1,000 contacts simultaneously, overcome enemy jamming signals and even detect stealth aircraft.

Frigate “Hessen” (F221)
Home port: Wilhelmshaven (Lower Saxony)
Crew 232 servicemen and women