Eutelsat Inks Multi-Million Dollar Deal with WORK Microwave


WORK Microwave’s Ka- and Q-/V-Band Converters Support Eutelsat’s

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced that it has signed a new multi-million dollar agreement with Eutelsat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators with a powerful fleet of satellites serving users across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Eutelsat is using WORK Microwave’s Ka- and Q-/V-band converters on its ground segment equipment during the next phase of its connectivity strategy, offering ultra-high data throughput via its KONNECT VHTS satellite.

“Data consumption is skyrocketing around the world, and the goal of our KONNECT VHTS satellite is to enable easy, affordable, and fast internet delivery,” said Guillaume Benoît, broadband system and connectivity manager at Eutelsat. “Following the selection of WORK Microwave’s solution on Eutelsat KONNECT infrastructure for our broadband services in Europe and in Africa, we are pleased to confirm its use for our KONNECT VHTS ground infrastructure. With WORK Microwave’s well-engineered converter solutions, we can improve the reliability and performance of our ground infrastructure.”

Eutelsat’s high throughput satellites are key to bridging the digital divide as they are optimized to deliver affordable and high-quality broadband to consumers, professionals, and companies beyond the range of fiber and ADSL. With 230 spot beams and an overall capacity of about 500 Gbps, KONNECT VHTS will provide two-way broadband connectivity across Europe and beyond.  KONNECT VHTS will be a game changer, enabling Eutelsat to provide fiber-like connectivity to end users at fiber-like pricing.

Supporting the full ITU bandwidth range of the Ka- and Q-/V-bands, WORK Microwave’s converters offer a rich feature set and unparalleled performance. Leveraging the converters, Eutelsat can achieve excellent phase noise, gain flatness, spurious response, and group delay.

“We’re thrilled to be awarded this new contract with Eutelsat, one of our longtime customers and an operator that is well-known for driving technology innovation,” said Dr. Thomas Fröhlich, CEO at WORK Microwave. “Our converters offer a multichannel architecture that allows wider coverage of each frequency band for broadband applications, which is a real technological breakthrough for Eutelsat. Overall, this deployment reinforces our strong partnership with Eutelsat and validates their trust in WORK Microwave’s technology and the unmatched quality we provide for the Q- and V-band. This contract confirms the globally recognized leadership of WORK Microwave for state-of-the-art frequency converters in Q- and V-Band.”

WORK Microwave’s outdoor V-Band converter, allowing for ultra-high data throughput at a substantially lower cost per Gbps.

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