Inline Sensor Application Examples

WORK Microwave’s sensors use electromagnetic fields to characterize different material properties. Inline sensor applications of microwave sensors include the detection of moisture, residual moisture, mass or density in a wide range of materials.

The utilization of microwave frequencies between 500 MHz and up to 65 GHz have been demonstrated which makes it possible to choose an application-specific optimum frequency range. In combination with a high-speed measurement capability of up to 10,000 measurements per second, the sensors are a perfect fit for demanding in-line applications.

For many applications in the pharma, paper, textile, food, packaging and petrochemical industries, WORK Microwave’s sensor technology and solutions have successfully been integrated. However, the range is not limited to those and individual solutions can be engineered. An overview of already proven implementations is given here:

Tablets and Capsules

The microwave sensor is designed for inline monitoring of tablet and capsule weight, i.e. to detect defects and control filling.

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Paper and Textile Sheets

The moisture sensor enables contactless inline monitoring of water content in web-type materials.

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Grain Drying

The moisture of grain is a crucial parameter for proper storage. Here, the sensor is used during the drying process.

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Coffee Roasting

Coffee roasting is a complex chemical process in which a moisture sensor is applied to improve the quality of the product.

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Cheese Production

The measurement of water content in cheese is a typical application for a microwave sensor.

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Dishwasher Tabs

A microwave sensor is used to detect broken or out-of-spec dishwasher tabs.

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Water in Oil

A microwave sensor is suitable to measure water content in oil for petrochemical applications, to detect long-term accumulation of water in oil or to implement a process water control.

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